Daniel: a sovereign God and hope-filled future.

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel, and I want to tell you about my life and relationship with God and some events that I experienced in my life.

When I was 6 years old, I did not have any parents. My brothers and I were sent to the orphanage, where we stayed for quite a long time. My grandma told me about God, and from early childhood I truly believed in Him, but I could not do what it said in the Bible, or I was too small or I did not take everything that was happening seriously. It was sometime in 8 grade I met a very nice person, with whom (I always communicate) I kept in contact and he told me about God and not only told me about Him but also invited me to church, where I repented and gave my life to God. Then God started working in my life. I quit all of my bad habits and I started to do good things. I started to write poems about God and I made a lot of good friends. Then I started dreaming only about one thing, to have a family because every child needs love and care. I never knew that my wish would come true and when it happened I understood that there is nothing impossible for God. Sometimes He takes away the silver to give us gold. I understood that God gives us not what we want but what we need, so don’t ask, “Why,” but “For what.” When our parents came to get us (my brother and I) there was a revolution in our country and some government institutions closed. The officials made us travel passports just before everything closed. But I know that God is in control and He knows everything and He is everywhere in everything. Maybe it was a trial for us and we passed it because we trusted only in the Lord. As for America, I like it very much; everyone I met here is friendly, sincere, and kind. I like new things, so for me the trip was something even bigger than I could imagine. Everyone helps each other because they love God and God causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him. I thank God that He gave me a good, loving family, for always having something to eat, that I have clothes and for a lot of friends and simply because we are alive, we and everyone here are valuable to God. No matter how much good deeds we did, God saved us not because of good deeds but because of His mercy.

I came to understand that the meaning of happy is not the person who possess the best but happy is the person who finds the best in what he already has.


Special Note: Daniel and his brother Sean’s adoption paperwork was completed the day before Crimea fell to Russia. They received their documents on Thursday late afternoon and the next day, Friday all adoptions were halted.

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