Sean’s Letter

Hello everyone, my name is Sean. My brother and I have now been in America for one month (recently adopted), but before this we were living in Ukraine in an orphanage. We had a pointless and meaningless life without God. Three years ago I was told that I was going to America (Love Cradle Int.’s Rainbow of Hope Hosting Program). I was very happy. It was night when we came to America. We met Steve and Irina and we all went to a church. We felt sleepy on the road, but when we came there we were not sleepy any more. We were filled with joy when we came into a big room. There were families sitting in a circle. We all started guessing which of these families would be ours. We had a great evening, meeting our families. After we all met each other we went home. I went straight to sleep, and in the morning, when I woke up I did not want to open my eyes because I thought it was all a dream, but I still opened them and I realized that I was in a new house, so I thanked God. At first I could not believe it, but then I quickly adapted and settled in. Then we went to meet the others. Instead of having school we had church. Five days a week we went somewhere. We had a lot of excursions. We were in a lot of places, and it is hard to say what we did not do. We rode horses, and we also went fishing. We went to see a baseball game. They let us go on a tour of the stadium and they also let us catch baseballs. There was rain after the game, and they could not sign our baseballs, but it still was very fun. When I came home I told everyone that I caught a real baseball. We also went to play mini-golf. Overall, we had a good time. The time went by very fast, and when we were leaving back to the orphanage I did not want to cry, so as not to disappoint those who wanted to see me happy. I have very deep and great respect to “Nick” and Connie who showed me a warm welcome. I did not miss a moment, and I enjoyed everything that happened to me.
Thank-you for everything that you did.

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