Thank You Letter from Orphanage

To The President of The Charity Organization

(Love Cradle U.S.A. Inc.)

Personally to Stephen Yagilnicky


                Teachers and students of special public schools-orphanage I-II levels, want to thank you for helping and organizing a relaxing winter break. Our students got energy and strength in the homes of volunteer families, in the U.S.A. Thank you for your concern, for a kind heart, and for your active involvement. Also thank you for helping us with our needs in the institution. Thank you for your regular support. Thanks to your sponsorship, the lives of our children, who were deprived of their parent’s loving care and help, dramatically improved.

We are aware, of how much good deeds you do for our children. Your kindness and care to the needs of children has earned you great respect! Good deeds do not go unnoticed- they are like a lighthouse, shining to those, who need help.

We are sure that your deeds are a good example, even to our benefactors. By helping, you not only give prosperity, but also joy and hope. Your help is a priceless contribution to charity and an undoubtedly appreciable support to the disadvantaged and needy. Thank you for your care, compassion, mercy, and for the contribution that you have made to transform a standard government school, into a quiet, warm home for students. Thank you for maintaining a stable and reliable partnership!

We wish you a continued dynamic evolution and the status that you have already attained will not be lost. We would like to once again express our gratitude and wish you health and happiness and success in everything! May your kindness and generosity return to you a hundredfold and may your strength and energy only grow, and your hopes become reality! We wish you good health, happiness and success in charitable deeds and further prosperity and may you have more sunshine in your life. We sincerely wish you health happiness and good luck! We look forward to work with you again! We are grateful to you for the care of our children.

Sincerely the administration, staff, and students of the school.

Director of School                                                   Заяц С.В

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