What we do

Seven programs to serve orphaned children.

Humanitarian care programs and emergency aid.

Love Cradle works with individuals and organizations to provide warm winter coats, blankets, shoes, mattresses, and medical services as needed by orphanages as well as basic supplies like soap, which many children are in need of. For more information on current projects, fundraisers, and drives, visit our current projects page.

Current fundraisers and drives

Hosting program.

The Rainbow of Hope Hosting Program is a ministry of Love Cradle Int. Rainbow of Hope is for 3-6 weeks during the summer or around Christmas. The role of a host family is to provide a child with a safe, nurturing environment and to introduce them to Christ, family life, and culture in America. We ask host families to involve the children in activities and provide them with their basic necessities while they are here. Tentative dates for the summer 2015 program are June 27th to August 8th.

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Adoption support.

Love Cradle Int. supports families through providing information on adoptions and family/children’s rights as well as Ukrainian/Eastern European law and culture in particular. 

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Post adoption programs

Transitioning into a new life and culture isn’t easy. We run a monthly Adoption Support Group to help parents and their adopted child(ren) with the transition process.  Love Cradle Int. also leads a monthly Youth Group for adopted young people to enjoy time together and have a Bible lesson.

Orphan sponsorship program

We’ve created a  $50 monthly sponsorship that will help an orphan child with his/her needs.  Funds are used for individual orphans and their immediate peer group for activities involving children who have no sponsor.  Sponsor-orphan relationships are encouraged and visits to the child’s orphanage can often be arranged.

Foster care and transition homes

Love Cradle Int. operates a duplex Transition Home in Central Ukraine for orphan children who age out of the orphan care system, around 16 years old. Currently, aged-out orphans are welcome to visit the Transition Home while still continuing their education. In a country where many teenagers age out and end up in crime, prostitution, or living on the streets, the LCI  transition home provides teenagers a safe place to continue their studies and to learn life skills. 

The transition home is equipped with a well for drinking water and irrigation and is also being worked on to create a vineyard and market gardens along with a micro cement block making business. Through these we are providing young men and women  with training in skilled trades and work, and providing them a source of income as they adjust to life outside the orphanage. At it’s root, the transition home is a means to knowing Jesus Christ better as orphaned teens are discipled by house parents, trained in life skills, and loved and cared for.


Love Cradle Int. sends mission teams to Ukraine on an as-needed basis with various goals including visiting orphanages and working on building and maintenance projects. Contact us if your Church, group, or family is interested in serving alongside us for a period of time.

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