Current Projects

Current projects happening at this time.

Warm clothing/shoe program is underway. Contact Nick Ciccone at 610-838-1636 to help.

Transition Home heating system modifications. Due to the unpredictability of energy supply in Ukraine, two wood burning heaters are to be installed along with a backup generator. Cost of the program $7,500

Humanitarian Container of need items being sent to Ukraine. Contact Nick Ciccone on how to help.

Christmas Orphan Gift Program “Misha Project” is underway. Donate $20 to help place a Christmas gift in the hands of an orphan/needy child.


Throughout the year we run a variety of different fundraisers, clothing and mattress drives, and more. By participating in a project or clothing drive you can provide orphaned children with basic needs. *A Gift-In-Kind receipt will be issue by Love Cradle Int. by request for donated items. Check back here for current needs, projects, and campaigns LCI is working on.