Our Mission

We exist to demonstrate God’s love and care for orphaned children in Ukraine and around the world.


Love Cradle International is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, driven by the good news of Jesus Christ and God’s grace and love for us, and is committed to caring for orphans around the world, but with primary contacts in Ukraine.

Love Cradle International started with a prayer.  In 2000 a young, single Ukranian woman looked around her at homeless children all around Ukraine.  She saw them living in the sewers in the belly of Kiev, in cities around Ukraine sleeping on the above-ground heating pipes for warmth after they tore away the asbestos insulation.  She saw them dressed in rags begging for food and money at the “Metro” stops.  With tears in her eyes she asked God “What can I, a single woman with very little resources, do about this?”

This prayer was the beginning of Love Cradle International.  God pressed the answer upon her heart and the vision was clear…”Go to them!”. Watch our vision video here.


Steve Yagilnicky
Chairman / President