Dream a dream for the sake of orphaned children in Ukraine.


Whether you're 10 or 100, you're never to young (or old) to do something to impact the lives of orphaned children in Ukraine and around the world. One of the ways you can support Love Cradle International and our work to serve and love orphaned children, is to run fundraisers to support our work. 

Whether you’re a teenager, student, parent, Church, retired, or anyone else,  you can help raise funds to rescue orphaned children from poverty and exploitation. Use your creativity, gifts, and resources to raise money to sponsor children, donate to a current project or fundraiser, or anything else that is on your heart.  

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

-Research, and put on a presentation in your Church, school, or organization on the orphan situation in Ukraine, and raise funds to sponsor children.

-Checkout our current projects, and help us get donations.

Have an idea, question, or need resources? Let us know, we want to help you.